Thu, Apr 30
As a travel photographer for over 40 years, I have seen film almost disappear and the digital photography revolution enable everyone with a cell phone to become a travel photographer. People are more visually literate more infatuated with the art and process of photography. To those people I dedicate my newest book, on the state of Pennsylvania, a glorious state of great diversity of people and geography. This book takes the viewer from the Poconos to Lake Erie, Gettysburg to Falling Water, any many places in between.
Mon, May 28
How to soften images using clarity setting in Lightroom or Photoshop
If your are a Photoshop or Lightroom user you may not realize that the clarity slider can be used to create a wonderful soft glowing image. These poppy flower pix examples of decreasing the clarity setting from +50 (1 pic), to -25 (2 pic), and finally to -100 (3 pic). In addition to softening the flower's petals and creating a "glow"; this handy tool also works wonders on soften facial skin complexions problems of portraits. Many subjects don't want to see every pore, wrinkle, or blemishes.
Sun, May 27
how to photo tips national geographic portraits
People who like people, frequently want to document the locals when taking a trip. These type of portraits add depth and texture to any travel coverage. So what is the secret for taking good portraits? JUST ASK IF YOU MAY TAKE THEIR PHOTO, and promise to send them a copy once you get back from the trip. Its easier then ever with email. If you're a pro you may want to also ask for a model release.
Fri, May 25
A snow covered foot bridge in Tildenwood Park after a fresh snow.
For years people have been asking, when will I start a blog with photo tips and road stories accumulated while working in the field for National Geographic and Insight Guides? Finally, the answer is NOW!! I was waiting for my son Abe, to have time to program and design the new web site. He taught himself a programing language by the weird name of "Drupal" and he outdid himself with this new design.